How I switched from 32kg luggage to the backpack

After every trip I try to analyse what I have learned for myself. And I came up to the point when I realised I no longer interested in being wearing fancy cloths meanwhile exploring the world. I felt that some part of me has changed and started seeing the world differently.

One month abroad? Give me the biggest luggage, please!

In 2013 I took part in the internship in Sicily where I spent 7 weeks. The plane had weight restrictions of 32 kg and I still faced with a problem of being overweight. I literally took half of my wardrobe and guess what? I never wear all of it! Next summer I spent on Sri Lanka and the whole scenario turned out to be the same. Besides, I always planned to get some presents for my family, partner, friends, etc. Thus I had to throw some of my stuff because I run out of space.
Sri Lanka’s baby luggage

Are you on the same boat as me?

I believe I am not the only one who experienced this. I always considered outlook as an important part of my personality. It helps to represent an inner being through external tools. For me it always was more than just a piece of fabric. And I was chasing this concept for couple of years, if not more.

But everything changed in summer 2015 when I met two guys from Spain who were travelling backpacking around Europe for more than 2 months. It was so much mind-blowing for me! I couldn’t understand how can you be away from your home and don’t have at least 4 pairs of jeans to switch in between. I was stuck in my mind limits and finally I started questioning myself: “What is real goal of travels? Why do I care so much about my outlook? Are extra cloths making me being different from my real “I”?”

Time to move to another chapter of life

The list of questions was expanding and I had to find answers in order to calm my mind down…
I have to admit I didn’t need much to become curious if I am able to take such a risk. To get a backpack and go for travels just like my friends. I became obsessed with challenging myself and taking a new step towards unknown.


And the universe didn’t make me wait for a long time. In December 2015 I went for a trip on Balkans with same Spanish friends. This time I had to find an approach to select the most comfortable cloths. Besides, I had to make the backpack light as we planned to visit 3 countries in 13 days. Definitely, winter season was not a plus into my side, because of the weight of the winter boots and a warm coat. But being honest, I felt very satisfied with the outcome!

2015-12-27 16.22
Backpacking around Albania

First job abroad or what should I take with me?

Few days after my returning from the trip I was already packing a luggage to Miami. Of course, this time was impossible to rely on a little backpack. As I got a job I was supposed to stay for almost 6 months on a cruise liner. And my ‘travel light’ experience turned out to be very helpful! I packed only the most necessary professional outfits and couple of things for exploring Caribbean. And the biggest pleasure among all of this, was that I used all the cloths I brought with me! I learned that in case if you need something, you can always find it (whether you are in Miami, Haiti or not marked on the map village). 😉

Want more benefits? –  Save money on your flight

Currently I am in London and recently I had to deal with booking flights back home. Maybe I was not really attentive or maybe the world went crazy meanwhile my mind was taken by love. 😀 Of course, I knew that most of airlines charge additionally for your luggage. But how on the earth it happened, that the price for it is almost the same as the flight by itself?

Thus let’s think over again and be responsible towards yourself whether you are going for holidays or a business trip. Weigh all con and pros if you really want to carry stuff just because you might wear it for an unexpected date or in case if the temperature will drastically drop in the entire world!

Don’t be afraid to question yourself why you do things in one way and not another, even if sometimes it seems super obvious.
Eventually, it is up to each of us what to wear and what size of luggage to pick. And the end of the day, it is not just a matter of how many things to carry, but about becoming more flexible. Being able to distinguish the functionality of the cloths and adopt it to any case you might face.

And by sharing my personal experience I just want to give you an example, how my life has changed because I dared to challenge myself and went for a backpacking trip (even if it was just for 2 weeks), but a little thing like this made a huge change in the chain of my thinking. 😉

And what about you?  Do you think you could give it a try?

Hug your hearts and share love to every corner of the world,

Kind regards from Marcos and Olena. We enjoy to explore life and share our experience with others! Follow our outdoor adventure and become part of our story <3


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