Our story

Hello by that side of the screen!

We are extremely glad that we already have something in common with you 😉 Maybe you are traveller as us or just dream about your first trip as we were once. However, all of the life circumstances leaded to this particular moment! 🙂
We are Marcos from Spain and Olena from Ukraine. Last summer (August 2015) we met each other for less than 24 hours and that is how everything started…

Currently we are based in London and hopefully very soon we will be able to discover a big part of the world!
Besides travelling, we have endless amount of interests in common. We enjoy doing yoga as it helps us to go deeper into ourselves. We practice meditation and seek for a life balance. Learning and discovering are constant parts of our lives, that is why we often spend couple of hours by reading and discussing books together. Being vegetarians we adore to cook and improvise with new dishes. And this list can keep growing, but the best way to know us better is to meet up. What about catching up for a cup of tea or to organise a camp on the weekends? We are always open for different suggestions 🙂

Via this blog we want to share a travel experience, how does it influence on our mindsets and personalities; personal growth and fails. We want to help others to overcome fears (if there are so) by giving real examples from our lives. We understand that everyone is different and it requires a different amount of time and braveness, but, remember, there is always room for courage to follow your dreams!
And our dream is to explore ourselves through the world!
Safe travels and great life adventures. Meet you somewhere around the world 😉

Sincerely your,