Dream day or why 24 hours changed my life

Chasing your dream

Last summer Marcos quit his job and followed a dream to move from Barcelona to London. Before settling down in the UK he went for travels with his friend Jordi around Europe for almost 3 months. Ukraine was a part of planned trip, but nobody couldn’t know that on the 2nd of August, 2015 they won’t take a plane to Belarus because officers didn’t let them do so. But destiny always has its own plans for us 😉
Now we know that only because they missed their flight this meeting got a chance to happen… We met via Tinder and spent less than 24 hours together on that day. And I have to admit, it has been one of the most crazy days I have had in my life. We climbed to the top of 60 metres height bridge and crossed the Dnipro river at night (which are on the picture below).

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Does the distance ruin relationships?

But that time turned out to be more than enough to keep in touch for next 5 months when we went for the trip around Balkans in winter.  The trip around Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia lasted for 13 days. It was such an intense dive into exploring another person, mixed with an exciting feeling of discovering new places and cultures.  Almost every evening we were lucky to catch a sunset and fuse with a nature for a while. I was backpacking for the first time in my life! And something inside of me was whispering that it is just the beginning…

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On the 3rd of January I flew to Ukraine and Marcos was back to London. And within next few days I was already taking a plane to Miami where I got a dream-job on a cruise liner. It took for me almost six months in total from the moment I found a link for this position up to the moment I firstly stood on a massive 14-decks ship “Independence of the Seas”. For almost four months I was exploring Caribbean, being able to visit Jamaica, Haiti, Mexico, Belize and many more paradises of this planet.  I was lucky to combine my two biggest passions: travelling and art.  I worked as an art associate selling artworks from an upcoming/established artists up to masters, such as Francisco Goya and Rembrandt.

Sunset in the middle of nowhere
Sunset in the middle of nowhere


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I can’t say it was an easy time in terms of having relationships on the distance. We saw each other only for two weeks out of eight months since we knew each other.  But so far I had no doubts that this person is the one with whom I am not afraid to go to the edge of the world.

(Specially to one on the left side 👈🏼 )

 While I was overseas Marcos started an amazing project “Story of our Lives”. The idea is very simple, as we were writing letters to each others and sharing our daily life via emails. However it is hard to describe how helpful it turned out to be!  I never had much time to keep in touch according to my working schedule and difference in time. That is why collecting all information and sharing it on letters was the best option for us.  Every now and then I was going through them and growing a hope of meeting each other again very soon.

A change of plans can lead to unexpected opportunities

Later on in April I got an unexpected vacation (as I was supposed to stay on the cruise liner till the end of July). Four days after my arrival I was at the airport in Ukraine looking for Marcos among strangers who just departed from London.
Our time together could be compared to a moment when you try to stop time and keep this for as long as possible. I realised that I have learned how to appreciate present and not to rush towards unknown future. Thus we got a chance to add four magical days to two weeks that we have spent together. In meanwhile we applied for my visa to the UK and got patience to wait for almost one month to find out a result…

When the world lends you a hand

It was sleepless night the day before I went to pick up my passport from the embassy. A moment later I was having tears of happiness on my eyes. I knew that fortune smiles to those who are looking for it and ready to fight for what they love.
On the same day I was taking a plane to London. I fasten my seat belt and started thinking about everything that happened in last ten months since we met for the first time…

Today it has been two months and a half since I arrived to London and like never before I feel I am on the right way in my life. Here are 2 more weeks of joy to come and afterwards I will be back to Ukraine. We don’t know how things will turn out for us, but one thing is clear for sure. A year ago the universe made a marvellous present for my birthday and let me meet a soulmate among billions of people. And the fire that sparkled inside of me that day brought me through the time and distance to where I am now.

I wish everyone to be brave and never give up. You might be just one little step away from your dream, even if it seems unreachable!

Hug your hearts and share love to every corner of the world,


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  1. Мы, оказывается, родственные души!Странно, что мы не общались в студенческие годы. Было интересно читать, продолжай 🙂

    1. Marcos&Olena says: Reply

      Очень приятно слышать 🙂 Рада, что понравилось и спасибо за отзыв!

  2. Nataliia says: Reply

    Вітаю з таким гарним початком😊

    1. Marcos&Olena says: Reply

      Величезне дякую! :*

  3. Tania says: Reply

    Нереально захоплююча історія! Хочеться ще і ще!!!!

    1. Marcos&Olena says: Reply

      Дякую за відгук! Дуже приємно 🙂

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