Into the Wild at Menorca

It has been two weeks before New Year… and the closer it was getting, the more pressure I was feeling on myself. Our friends were sharing their plans about upcoming trips and we still didn’t have any yet. Original idea was to go on a cycling trip through Portugal but seemed like everything was working against us, so we gave up and looked for another option…

Awesome planning skills

Marcos filled up approximate dates for the trip in Google search – pressed “I am feeling lucky” and started a search. A couple of clicks and we saw an amazing price from Barcelona to Menorca. At that time I had no single idea where Menorca located. We made a quick search and found it is a Balearic Island close to Palma de Majorca. Great! Seems like it is what we were looking for. One more click to book flights and we got excited about an upcoming trip.

Around Menorca by feet

While booking we already knew we want to discover an island from inside and hike as much as possible. We wanted to escape from city environment and go into the wild…
So we packed backpacks, took the most important equipment, such as sleeping bags, tent, cooking gas, dry food and only the most needed cloth. We aimed to walk a lot and explore as much as possible.

Sometimes we had to walk 10-15 km through hiking paths where not even a person comes across. And at those moments you appreciate the possibility to chill for a while like never before. Almost every night we were trying to stop and enjoy the sunset. That time I felt I couldn’t imagine better adventure for myself.

I must admit that it was also challenging for me. Out of 8 days, we spent there I think we could take a shower only 3 times. At this time of the year Menorca is resting and preparing for the summer season, so you barely find any shop or café opened in the cities. You struggle to find food to recover after hours of walk, so I don’t even have to mention about the shower in that case 😀 . But in spring or summer, you can always jump into the sea and refresh yourself 😉

There are always people who willing to help

At some point, we had to walk from one city to another on the main road. As we were 4 we couldn’t really expect to go all together in one car hitchhiking. But after some trials eventually, we were picked by Rodger. It is a British man around 70 years old who have had an adventurous life! He has lived in London, Sydney, Hong Kong, San Francisco and more other cities. He settled down at Menorca for the last 17 years and there were nice reasons behind. Rodger shared some lessons he has learned in his life: “Before I had money, and was always stressed. Now I don’t have money, but I also left stress behind.” And I felt how it resonated with me…

The night from 30th to 31th we spent at his place. The same morning he showed us his daily sceneries and it was hard not to be impressed with it. We played with his dog and were feeding neighbour’s goats and horses.

Not having a plan is the best plan!

From his place, we headed to Ciutadella, one of the biggest cities on Menorca. After watching marvellous sunset we still weren’t sure about our New Year plan (should we stay in the city or move further). Around 10 pm we decided to go to the forest and stay wild in the middle of the field. Guys were making a fire while I and Ronja were making sangria with a cooking gas. That’s is how we greeted 2017!

Next morning fulfilling breakfast and ready to go!


In total, we have walked almost 150 km in 9 days around Menorca. We were more than lucky to enjoy peaceful nature and clear our minds, enjoy yoga on the beach and make bonfires every now and then.  This trip also made me realise that I am on the right way and doing things I enjoy in my life. Thanks to all of you guys for shared stories and secret adventures we have lived!

To be honest, I could have kept talking because there are not enough words to describe how it felt… But would be better for you just to have a look at a video I made about this trip 😉 And hope you enjoy it!

P.S. Pictures inserted in the blog are taken by Marcos with an Olympus OM-4 analogue camera

With lots of love from the deepest corners of my heart…

As always,

Yours Olena

Kind regards from Marcos and Olena. We enjoy to explore life and share our experience with others! Follow our outdoor adventure and become part of our story <3

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